We believe data, design, and technology, used together, define the future of place.

Sasaki Strategies is a team of designers, software developers, and data analysts within Sasaki. We weave data and technology into design to ask better questions, reveal deeper insights, and create new ways to prove what’s possible.

We visualize complexity.

Faced with large, complex datasets, we make data visual to ask better questions and explore ideas. Seeing data visually helps us see patterns that lead to insights. We’ve designed places that cultivate innovation by visualizing hidden networks of collaboration.

We clarify understanding.

Finding the right solution requires a shared understanding of the issues at play. In a world awash with data, we find the insights that will drive better decisions. Recently, we took advantage of emerging social data to understand how people really use a neighborhood.

We use data to make design more strategic.

Being strategic means acting with an endgame in mind. We’re using technology to change the way we measure walkability barriers like highways or poorly connected streets. We can pinpoint where a different design will do the most good by focusing on how people can actually get from point A to point B.

We use tech to test ideas so they can turn into reality.

Our work allows us to quickly test ideas to understand the tradeoffs and the impacts of a given design. We can push ideas further than we otherwise could, creating better buildings, landscapes, and cities. We created a tool that measures and visualizes climate and outdoor comfort, enabling the team to design more comfortable, sustainable neighborhoods.